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November 23, 2021

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Welcome to the first instalment of the Beach Body Love Project!

This project was created to inspire and show that all bodies deserve to be at the beach. And to show how the journey of self love unfolds as we try to come to terms with ourselves. Here is what Shelynn had to say:
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Why do you think it’s important that all bodies are welcome and comfortable at the beach? Is there anything you want to see improved or changed?

Bodies are just shells. We are like turtles growing with our shells and shedding pieces of ourselves as we grow. To fit our needs, our environment. The important stuff is what is on the inside. If we can’t be comfortable with sand up our butts, the sun shining down on us and that sounds of splashing and laughter surrounding us, when can we be? Our shell is our home. We update, decorate, and care for our homes. It is time we stop judging people’s meat husk shelters and start working on being better people. More considerate and possibly minding our own business and asking:

  1. Is this hurting anyone?
  2. Is this something that can be changed in 10 seconds or less? (think lipstick on teeth, tag showing)

If we can start loving ourselves a little more, maybe we will stop hating on others

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Do you have a journey of self love that you’ve gone through? Or are in the process of going through?

Oh gosh. I have a long history with eating disorders all because I didn’t feel like my outside looked the right way. As I got older, those feelings never really changed. I know that I physically fit some societal norms but still feel like a weird feathered lizard. Like I will never grow into the majestic T-rex I long to be. Strong, healthy. Body dysmorphia is absolutely no joke and it has weighed onto my mental health further than I would like to admit.

regina boudoir photographerMy OCD constantly knocking me down a peg. The anxieties and depression within me make me overly ambitious but with zero energy and not a speck of motivation. Fighting with these issues and trying to raise daughters in this world is not an easy task. And you best bet, I am going to fake it until I make it, because in those girls’ eyes, I’m a boss and I want to be the bad ass they see me as.
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Going forward, what changes would you like to see in society in terms of body acceptance and self love?

I wish people would focus more on being kind, learning skills, being healthy, knocking racism out of this world. If we can love each other as wholly as I KNOW people can/do, why can’t we show ourselves the same grace, positivity, kindness and hype that we show our best friends, our children, that person on social media we can’t help but adore?

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More stories to come!

Have questions about Boudoir or having a body positive experience? CLICK HERE to learn more 🙂

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