Can We Not? This Common Phrase Needs To End – Kingston ON Boudoir

April 6, 2022

[Kingston, ON Boudoir Photographer]

Kingston Boudoir

You know I love Boudoir. And I love my clients. But do you know what I absolutely cannot stand hearing….?

“Tell me to suck in my gut.”

To be honest, I hear this everywhere. At weddings, family sessions, out in public, but I hear it the most during my Boudoir sessions and it breaks my heart. And of course I want you to look and feel your best during this amazing experience but it is such a hurtful thing to say.

Kingston Boudoir

If I was having my picture taken during what is supposed to be an empowering experience and my photographer told me I had to suck in my gut, it would absolutely make me want to hide my body and stop the session. These photoshoots are already super vulnerable to begin with and that phrase (thankfully) is slowly dying out but it pops up from time to time.

Kingston ON Boudoir


This is a period during which we are celebrating you and your body, not shaming it and making you feel unworthy or self conscious. And in the past I’ve struggled with trying to confront such hurtful things from being said but enough is enough. You are worthy and gorgeous as you are and I want everyone to know that negative self talk and body shaming is not allowed in the studio.

Kingston Ontario boudoir

I will help pose and guide you, yes, but you will never, ever hear that phrase coming out of my mouth.

Show yourself some love and some patience and I promise you’ll be glad you did once you receive your bomb-ass Boudoir photos 🙂

Want to learn more about these empowering sessions? Head on over to the BOUDOIR page or CLICK HERE to get started.

Hello, Kingston!

I am excited to be moving my business to your beautiful city and can’t wait to meet you! My books will be open as of August 2022 for Boudoir and I would love to connect!

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