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June 10, 2022

Kingston Boudoir

The thought of a boudoir session can be scary. When talking to femmes about their session, I get asked all sorts of questions. So I wanted to compile a list of the 12 most frequently asked questions about boudoir to help you out on your journey!

Kingston Boudoir

Do You Share My Images?

This is definitely the most asked question! Being comfortable is my number one priority for my clients, especially with boudoir! It can be a life changing experience, but sometimes that also makes it a little nerve wracking. Sometimes, you’re learning to love your body and you aren’t quite ready to share the images with the world, you may work a job that could be impacted by the images, or the photos are specifically for you or your partner – and that is totally fine! These are all great reasons for not sharing your photos and you will have the option to have them remain private upon signing your session agreement. If you are comfortable with the images being shared you will have the option to sign a model release to grant me permission for usage (keeping things as PG as possible so we don’t get thrown in facebook jail!).

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Do I Have To Wear Lingerie?

Though lingerie is usually everyone’s go-to for boudoir photos, it’s not mandatory! There are several other options you can wear. Here are 5 Wardrobe Items That Aren’t Lingerie to bring to your session.

Kingston Boudoir

Do You Have Payment Plans?

Absolutely! To make things easier for clients, payment plans are always available. A retainer of $350 is due to hold your date/session time and that is deducted off the final amount owing. Pre-payment and post-payment plans are available 🙂

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Is Hair And Makeup Included?

Hair and makeup is always an option for clients! This is a super special experience and the ultimate way to pamper yourself is to sit back, relax, and let our glam squad complete the look you are wanting. If you’re not wanting anything too over the top, we can also go for a more natural look to bring our your amazing features.

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Do You Photoshop My Images?

Photoshop is part of my process, however we are aiming adjust for light/shadows, exposure, colour balance, and only do skin editing upon request. Clients are sent a questionnaire upon booking to select their desired editing amount, however, I will not alter who you are or warp your body. If there are parts of you that you’re still learning to love or are not thrilled about, that is okay! I am highly skilled in posing and lighting to make you look your absolute best while brining out your shine.

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Where Should I Buy Outfits?

Depending on the style of your session, there are several great places to source pieces from. Victoria’s Secret is quite popular, Torrid is great as well, hipsandcurves.com, La Vie En Rose, adoreme.com to name a few. Whenever a client books they will also receive a boudoir prep guide as well!

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What Type Of Products Do You Have?

Boudoir clients primarily order albums for their images (complimentary with all collections!) and some opt for wall art (canvases, prints, metal prints). Folio boxes are available as well and smaller print sizes too!

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Do You Offer Digital Files?

Digital files are included with all collections! If you are not wanting to go the route of printed product, a la carte options are available to you. Once you order is finished you’ll receive a private download gallery to access your files to download them to your computer.

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I’m Freaking Out!!! How Can I Calm My Nerves?

It is totally normal to feel nervous – nerves are all a part of the experience! The nervousness at the beginning of your shoot makes your moment of “WOW” seeing your photos for the first time that much better! And trust me, by the end of the session, you’ll be posing yourself!

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How Many Outfits Should I Bring?

As the saying goes, the more the better! I would say the golden number is 3-4 outfits. You’ll want to see a good variety of wardrobe changes in your images so definitely aim to bring more than 1 option.

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Should I Get To My Shoot Early?

It is recommended to arrive no more than 10 minutes before your session so we have time to clean and prep the studio. Arriving 10 minutes early will allow us time to quickly look at your wardrobe and plan hair and makeup before we begin.

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