5 Wardrobe Items Besides Lingerie For Your Boudoir Session

December 6, 2021

When we think of a Boudoir session it’s quite common to immediately picture all sorts of lingerie being used as wardrobe. While that is the norm for most clients, sometimes it’s great to shake things up and pull out a few pieces that aren’t your traditional lingerie items.

Not every client wants to have the exact same set of photos and that is awesome! There are many different ways to incorporate different looks and feelings into a photograph with the help of wardrobe. Here are some of my favourite wardrobe items besides lingerie to bring along!

boudoir session

  1. Bodysuits

This is a 50/50 when it comes to lingerie. There are lingerie bodysuits but there’s also casual ones as well. If you’re wanting to pick a piece other than your standard bra and underwear set, bodysuits are the way to go! Available in many different styles and shapes/sizes, these are perfect for every body and one of my favourites to photograph!

boudoir session

  1. Sweater or Cardigan

Keep your images warm and cozy by adding in a sweater! Whether it’s a crop top, a baggy knit sweater, or a cardigan, this is a super simple way to add a touch of coziness to your images! If you’re wanting something more laid back and casual – this is the perfect piece to bring along.

Kingston Boudoir

  1. A Fancy/Unique Dress

A great option to start your Boudoir session with is a dress! You can easily incorporate a dress into your shoot and it can be styled many different ways to still keep things sexy and mysterious. If you have a dress with tassels, something sheer or reflective, it will definitely add that wow factor to your images!

Kingston boudoir

  1. Faux Fur Coats (or coats in general).

Texture is everything and faux fur is going to make magic happen for your session! Pair it with a bodysuit, a bra + underwear set, or just shoot with the coat itself and you’re going to get some amazing photos! If you have a coat with a funky texture or something super unique, that can also be incorporated too!

Kingston boudoir photographer

  1. Nothing At All!

The ultimate option for lingerie is to embrace your body fully and go sans clothing. Whether you’re wanting to do an implied shot or to just show off your body this is a great option. To shoot this it’s always important that you’re super comfortable and it’s not going to be the very first thing we do. I’ll be here to help guide and pose you throughout the entire process so you can really embrace your unique-ness and have a kickass set of images afterward.

Kingston boudoir photographer

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