Kingston Photography Studio

November 30, 2022

Hello! And welcome to my Kingston photography studio!

Kingston photographer

Having always operated a home-based studio, I was beyond excited to have a separate space to create in. It was a big dream of mine to have a safe and welcoming space for my clients to be in and when I found this I was not disappointed!

It became available the same week we were moving to Kingston from Saskatchewan and basically there’s never been a bigger “meant to be” moment in my life than this. I was so nervous to make it here in time to grab the space but things were definitely on my side and I’m so happy it worked out.

Kingston photography studio

The studio is located downtown Kingston along the waterfront. You can enjoy all the gorgeous old buildings and the marina while you’re headed down to the space.

Kingston photography studio

I love all of the stone and brickwork throughout the space, definitely making it looks absolutely amazing in photographs! Because of all the textures and colours in here, your images are going to have such nice depth to them.

kingston photography studio

The studio has rich natural light or we can use studio lighting for images requiring a more refined look, definitely giving us a lot of options! It also comes with a private bathroom, change room, also a hair + makeup station.

photography studio kingston

Sessions offered at my Kingston photography studio are:

I truly love this space and can’t wait for you to see it too! Have questions?

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