My First EVER Group Event – Kingston Photographer

December 21, 2022

I recently had the honour of hosting my first ever group event at my Kingston photography studio!

group event

The group event was held for the members of my VIP group over on Facebook to celebrate ourselves and to have some fun. The theme for this event was natural, whimsical, and ethereal. I definitely had a blast creating the set for this, incorporating greenery, dried grass, and keeping things overall very simple.

kingston photography studio

My VIP group has been amazing to work with and is a safe space for boosting each other up. It also provides advice and I do end up giving away goodies every one in a while! If you would like to join us, click HERE to get started 🙂

Now, for the event, we mingled for a little while before starting with our group shots. All of the wonderful ladies that attended were SO much fun to photograph and I loved every second of it. As this was my first EVER hosted event, I was definitely nervous about everything. The morning of a snowstorm hit and that just made me more anxious so when this lovely group arrived it was truly heartwarming!

kingston photographer

After we wrapped up the big group session, we started with individual images so everyone could take a few of their own images home afterward. It was so great chatting with everyone and showing off how absolutely amazing they looked!

kingston photography studio

This experience was definitely one I want to host again in the future! In the group we’ve discussed a beach photoshoot once the weather warms up and I think that would be perfect. As the progresses I’ll be sharing more details so don’t forget to join us!

As for bookings, 2023 is filling up! You can visit my Boudoir work HERE or my portfolio HERE.

My studio is located in Kingston, Ontario. I frequently travel and am available to all of southern Ontario or anywhere we may end up working together.



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