Dorota + Kevin – Rustic Farm Couples Session

June 5, 2024

I’m super excited to share Dorota and Kevin’s rustic farm couples session that took place at their beautiful property in the Kingston area. If you’re into vintage vibes, cozy feels, and a whole lot of love, this one’s for you!

rustic farm couples session

Dorota and Kevin’s farm is nothing short of magical. Picture a rustic farmhouse nestled in a field that seems to stretch on forever. The sun was shining just right, casting a golden hue over the entire place, making it feel like we had stepped into a scene from a romance movie. Their farmhouse, with its weathered wood and inviting porch, was the perfect backdrop for some truly intimate moments. It’s the kind of house that feels like home the second you step inside, with every corner telling a story.

rustic farm couples session

But wait, it gets better! They have this amazing vintage camper that’s straight out of the ‘70s. I mean, talk about a retro dream! We spent some time around the camper, capturing shots that had all the nostalgic feels. The camper, with its pastel colors and retro decor, added a quirky and charming element to the session. It was like stepping back in time, in the best possible way.

rustic farm couples session Kingston ON

And then there’s the workshop. This place is a treasure trove of rustic charm. We hung out there for a bit, and the photos we got were nothing short of amazing. The workshop provided a raw, authentic backdrop that perfectly complemented Dorota and Kevin’s easy-going, love-filled dynamic.

Kingston Ontario Couples Photography

Throughout the rustic farm couples session, it was clear that Dorota and Kevin share something really special. The way they looked at each other, laughed together, and moved in sync was incredibly inspiring. It’s always a joy to capture genuine love, and this session was overflowing with it.

farm photography Kingston Ontario

If you’re thinking about booking a couples session, let this be your sign. Whether you’re dreaming of a rustic farm couples session like Dorota and Kevin’s, or you prefer something a bit more urban, these moments look incredible on location or at the studio. I’m now taking bookings, and I’d love to help you capture your unique love story!

Kingston Ontario Photographer

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s create some magic together!

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