3 Affirmations To Say Before You Come In For Your Session

November 24, 2021

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Oftentimes the lead up to the session is the hardest part. Be that planning wardrobe, learning about the session experience, or feeling confident to do the session itself. Today I wanted to go over 3 affirmations to say before you come in for your session.

First, congratulations on booking your session! I am so excited for you!

Whether you’ve booked a portrait or boudoir session, I really wanted to stress the importance of being kind to yourself. I hear a lot of clients beating themselves up beforehand and I’ve been there myself as well so let’s go over the first affirmation:

  1. I am worthy of being documented.

No matter where you are in life, how you look or feel, you are worthy. It doesn’t even matter if you’re getting your picture taken – you are worthy no matter what! This is a judgement-free zone and all I really want you to do is to come in and have this experience and to have proof that you are absolutely fabulous the way you are… right now! 

3 affirmations to say before you come in for your session

  1. I will be kind and have patience with myself.

Please, please, please do not get frustrated with yourself during this process. It is so easy to pick ourselves apart, wish we looked a certain way, etc. But let me tell you that being exactly who you are makes you unique and you will 100% stand out and rock your session.

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  1. My mind is open to new and exciting things.

Most clients that come in for any type of session have never or rarely been in front of the camera before. It might seem like an intimidating experience but come in with an open mind and we will have so much fun! I will be there the entire way to help out with posing, picking wardrobe, and making sure everything is as stress-free as possible. 

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These affirmations are so important and I want you to keep these in mind while you’re waiting to come in for your session. 

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