Kingston Boudoir: Beach Body Love Project PT 2

December 6, 2021

Coming at you again with another beautiful Beach Body Love Project series!

I first met Kristine last year while doing a portrait session for her and when she reached out looking to be a part of this project, I totally had to include her!

beach body love

Here is what Kristine had to say:

Why do you think it’s important that all bodies are welcome and comfortable at the beach. Is there anything you want to see improved or changed?

I feel it’s important that all bodies are beach bodies because we are all beautiful as we are. We need to feel safe and comfortable and free of judgment from others for the choices we make in what we wear.

kingston boudoir photography beach body love

Do you have a journey of self love that you’ve gone through? Or are in the process of going through?

I’ve struggled my whole life with my weight. It’s been an uphill battle. I’ve been working through my journey of loving myself as I am and not waiting to look a certain way. I’ve learned to accept myself as I am in the now and love my now body. There was always this fear of being judged and ridiculed, I’ve dropped my guard and wear what I want to the beach.

kingston on boudoir

Going forward, what changes would you like to see in society in terms of body acceptance and self love?

We are hard enough on ourselves without adding judgments of others.

Kingston boudoir

We had such a fabulous time shooting this! Thanks Kristine!



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