Private Editing For Boudoir Photographers

January 6, 2023

I am super excited to announce I will now be offering private editing for boudoir photographers and portrait photographers!

Speaking from experience, drowning in editing is extremely difficult. It’s hard to make time to market, deal with clients, and have your own personal time. Having the option to outsource your images to an editor is a great way to remedy that and I am here to help!

With having your own private editor, you’ll be able to deliver quick and consistent work. Your clients are going to be happier (and you will too!) and in turn you’ll also be able to take on more and more clients too.

private editing for boudoir photographers

The Importance Of Outsourcing

Being a boudoir photographer myself, I understand the worry of having your client’s images remain private. Being the sole editor over here, I will handle your client’s images with the upmost respect and care. Your RAW files can be sent via Dropbox and will be edited and sent back securely the same way. A contract will also be sent over to protect you and myself as well.

Having private editing for boudoir photographers is really important as it can offload so much time for you. This will allow you to focus on marketing to get even more clients, keep up good relationships with them, and answer your emails (which are so easy to fall behind on).

private editing for boudoir and portrait photographers

Not only do I offer private editing for boudoir photographers, but also portrait photographers as well. Your images will receive my full editing suite which includes skin editing and tonal adjustments to name a few. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL LIST AND TO BOOK A FREE EDITING DEMO.

Editing Style

My editing style is clean and crisp, without the use of heavy presets. If this is also you, I would love to chat further! Editing is done via CaptureOne and Photoshop.

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