What Not To Bring To A Boudoir Session

January 27, 2023

Everybody always asks what to bring to their boudoir session, but they never about what NOT to bring.

So you’ve book your very own boudoir experience. That is so incredibly exciting! And it’s going to be an amazing time.

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Wardrobe is always a big question when clients are just starting out with their boudoir journey. And they always look for what to bring to their session, but never look into what NOT to bring along.

I feel like this is just as important to make note of so I’ve made this helpful post to go over three super important things. Here are the things to NOT bring to your boudoir session:

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1. A Bad Attitude

Now I know this isn’t necessarily an object, but having an open mind for your session is going to make a world of a difference. You are going to have a better time, your images are going to turn out so amazing, and you’ll walk away feeling empowered! I know this can feel uncomfortable and it’s not your regular type of photoshoot, but a boudoir experience is truly worth it and I will be there the entire time to help you out with everything. Let’s focus on having a great session together!

Kingston Boudoir

2. The Belief That You’re Not Good Enough

I see this more than you would think so if you’re feeling like you’re not good enough – stop right there! You are, trust me. You are 100% good enough and worth the whole boudoir treatment. You do not have to be a certain size, weight, shape. You just need to be YOU. We aren’t here to make you feel otherwise, but to make you feel amazing (because you totally are!) and to celebrate everything that makes you unique! You don’t need to have a huge amount of confidence to try a boudoir session, that is often times gained through the whole experience.

3. Self Tanner

The bane of my existence. Trust me when I say you can totally leave that at home. If you feel like you are too pale or want more of a glow, my lighting and toning is going to bring that back for you. I love warm, soft, natural light for my boudoir sessions so please feel free to leave self tanner at home. Spray tans (if done incorrectly) can be a no-go as well but if you have experience with them in the past or go to a professional that is totally fine! Self tanner is very destructive to everything in the studio ranging from bed spreads, to the walls and floors. It stains and often times creates a blotchy look on your skin so keep that one at home for sure (I thank you a million times over!).

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As mentioned before, boudoir sessions are really something else and a totally unique experience, just as unique as you are! I want your boudoir experience to be one of a kind and amazing so let’s work together to create an amazing memory with bombshell photos!

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