How To Gift Your Boudoir Photos

February 2, 2023

So you finally made the leap and had your own boudoir experience done, but now you want to know how to gift your boudoir photos. Well, I am here to help with that!

First of all, congratulations on going through such a beautiful experience, stepping outside of your comfort zone, and celebrating yourself! Boudoir is truly something else and I’m so happy you had the chance to have that done!

I always want my clients to come and have the session done for themselves first and foremost (so never, EVER, be afraid to say that or do that!) but sometimes they also want to gift their images to their partners. When this happens there are so many beautiful ways we can display and present your equally as beautiful images. Here are my clients’ favourite ways to display their boudoir photos:

boudoir photos

1. Albums To Feature Your Boudoir Photos

Do not get me started on how absolutely amazing these turn out! Albums are hands-down the easiest and most gorgeous way to present your boudoir photos. When clients order their albums through my studio, we have so many stunning cover options to choose from. Everything from metallic leather with 24k gold gilding on the pages to a more classic look with dark or brown leather (as pictured above).

These albums are not your standard photo album from Walmart with the slip in pages for your images. My albums are custom made, built to last forever, and your images are printed onto sturdy flush mount board so that when you open the pages they’ll lay open completely flat so there’s more wow factor to the book. You can also choose to emboss the covers as well or some album lines even allow for 2-3 cover options on them.

The possibilities are endless!

boudoir photos

2. Wall Art To Display Your Boudoir Photos In A Striking Way

If you have somewhere to display your boudoir photos and you’re really wanting to up the wow factor, wall art is the way to go!

You can choose from framed prints, to metal prints (a very cool option if you have a lot of colour in your photos) or opt for a custom canvas. Out of everything, most clients will go with a canvas for their boudoir photos.

Canvas prints are super easy to hang, look just like a beautiful piece of artwork on your walls, and come in so many sizes! When considering having these made, bigger is ALWAYS better – trust me! An 8×10 canvas on your wall is going to look so tiny, go for size 16×20 and bigger.

My go-to size is always 24×36 if you have the room. These prints are absolutely stunning, big enough for you to see all the details, and will make such a jaw-dropping gift! Sizes are available all the way up to 40×40.

You can always decide what you want to do with your boudoir photos after your session or at a later date. Typically once we are done with the boudoir photoshoot itself, we’ll take a 2.5 – hour break and I’ll get your best images edited, then once you return to the studio you can decide what images you want to order or what you want to do with them.

There are so many beautiful samples of wall art and albums at the studio to choose from! And I can’t wait to work with you to create these stunning pieces of art.

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