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March 30, 2023


My name is Jackie and I’m a Kingston wedding photographer here to give you a list of important wedding details to have documented on your big day of celebration 🙂

With so many moving parts during a wedding day, it’s quite easy to forget all the small details that come together. Whether it’s the invites, reception decor, or small, special moments at the ceremony, I’ve created this list to help make things easier.

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Every couple is different and not everyone wants getting ready, or pre-ceremony photos done. However, if they request this, it’s the perfect time to quickly sit down and photograph some of the smallest details: accessories! These accessories can be earrings, ties, shoes, wedding attire, florals, sentimental items, and of course… the wedding rings!

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Wedding Rings

When couples inquire about having their rings photographed they often times forget to include the engagement ring (if they have one!) and it really completes the full set. If we’re short on time, I usually photograph this set first so the rings can be taken to the ceremony.

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Wedding Dress

Probably my unpopular opinion…… but wedding dresses look best anywhere except up against a window 🙂 That is definitely a highly requested and popular shot but trust me, you’ll be able to see all the details of the dress way better if you don’t have it backlit. It’s always a good idea to get pictures of it hanging up and also details of it being worn (this shows off the shape of the dress way better!).

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A really easy and simple item to incorporate into your detail photos has to be the invites and save the date cards! These can be photographed individually or as a part of a group (my preferred method) to really tie things in. You spent money on them and time so let’s make sure to add them into your day as well!

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Ceremony Details

At every ceremony, no matter how big or small, there are always details to find. These are usually best photographed before guests arrive to make sure they don’t accidentally disrupt the shot or if time allows it, they can be quickly documented during the ceremony. Details during this time can be decor, parts of the venue or environment, the wedding couple holding hands, etc.

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Reception Details

Aside from accessories, photographing reception details is a favourite of mine! Some couples go all-out for their reception, some keep it simple, whatever their choices are, there’s so many details to capture! Think table decor, food, wedding favours, room decorations, and you can’t forget the cake and desserts!

So there you have it, some ideas to consider when thinking about what you want documented during your day!

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